Tessera Chroma

"Chroma is the quality by which we communicate color. It is how we define a color's purity, its intensity or saturation. In this way it provides a measure by which we can create a relationship between colors, allowing them to bring balance and harmony to a space."

This semi-plain textured loop pile carpet tile features 27 sophisticated and trend led colors representing contemporary aesthetics. Each design is a mix of 3 colors, carefully composed to be softer and ‘chalky’ for a pleasing color balance.

Beautiful on it's own, yet great to combine with other carpet tiles or Allura Flex vinyl tiles using the same adhesive.

Tessera Chroma offers:
● 750gsm pile weight for opulent texture and underfoot comfort
● 100% Aquafil soloution dyed polyamide 6 yarn, for durability and
    color fastness
● 62% recycled content by weight
● Ska criteria for M12 soft floor coverings

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